Documentary on Couchsurfing: third screening in Rio

Organized by Leandro Mello
Missed the previous screenings? Fear not: there's one more for you!
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Come and watch the FREE screening os the doco "One Couch at a Time", the first feature-lenght film on Couchsurfing, by veteran couchsurfer Alexandra Liss.

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The film follows director and veteran Couchsurfer Alexandra Liss of San Francisco through 20 countries, six continents, for seven months using the Couchsurfing Web site. Alexandra shows that we're entering an age in which access is more important than possessions, and the sharing economy is the next wave.
Liss also explores crowd-funding, micro-loaning, co-working, ridesharing, and gift-economies as the film climaxes at what she dubs "the ultimate sharing society" -- Burningman.

You can buy the film at:


Carioca Guest House ( Rua Alice 118, Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro.


Free! What are you waiting for, come and invite everyone!
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