The BAFICI Thread (Buenos Aires International Film Festival)

Organized by Pablo Podhorzer
The BAFICI is the Buenos Aires Independent Cinema International Festival, more than 400 films, lots of venues, lots of people, cheap tickets, and lots of fun. This "Event" was created to work as a thread to write every day which movies people are going to watch, so it is easy to meet and we don´t get lost on the main "Pages" place. So you are welcomed to invite people, so create sub-events if such a thing is possible (who knows), and to watch amazing movies from all over the world, with amazing people from... all over the world.

Please write inside the event for the specific day that you are going to watch something, so people will know where to look for company.

Este es el Thread central del BAFICI. Basicamente, escriban dentro del evento especifico del dia que van a concurrir al festival de cine, asi la gente que se les quiere unir para ver una pelicula especifica sabe a donde buscar. ¡Nos vemos en el Festival! (las entradas salen 20 pesitos, y hay muchas actividades gratuitas).

Day by Day program of the Festival:

Programa del Festival, dia por dia:
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