The CS CEM (Cairo Egyptian Museum) Event

Organized by AY Farag
Hello CS'ers
Are you in love with history ? had you seen a mummy before ?

From our believing of culture exchange and history sharing, we would like to invite you to our CS Cairo Egyptian Museum event

Any one would like to know about the mystic history of ancient Egypt and the magic of the pharaohs, you should join us , we will guarantee for you a good company as well as providing full safety from the moment you arrive till you leave.

This event will be every Sunday of the week( not just one time deal) :D,
There are two main organizers for this event
- Ahmed Awney 01111954035
- Ayman Farag 01005358366

also someone will explain for you the historical events for each period we pass through in the museum.

There will be two meeting points
1- At the metro station {Nasser} in front of bank of Cairo close to Esa'af pharmacy - at 9:30am and we will move at 9:45am to the main entrance.
2- At the main entrance 9:45am till 10:00am

do not join the event unless you are 100 % sure that you are coming, so we can arrange everything for you .

Wish to see you all at CS CEM
take care and have fun
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