The Opening Cermony of Samaa Festival & Photography campaign event

Organized by Ehab Hamed
Dear Couchsurfers

EGYPT... The Ministry of Culture and CouchSurfing EgYpT are inviting you to the 6th " Samaa [ Hearing ] Festival for spiritual music and chanting ".

We all should be proud of such honor-ship with our Egypt Ministry of Culture. For the Second time we are hosting and participating in organizing national events...

Check the main event page for the festival details and our Couchsurfing Responsibilities

The Opening Ceremony Event

- All participant countries will be presented in opening ceremony at Citadel.

- Officially Citadel gate will be opened by 5:30 PM while the ceremony will start by 6:30 PM

- Couchsurfers have the advantage to get into the citadel earlier than the official time to get our privilege seats. Participating in the event, having group photos with the international troupes and getting ready for the festival.

- No fees, No tickets for the festival.

Attending and Meeting point

- 4:00 - 4:30 PM : our meeting point is in front of the ticketing office, Citadel gate.

- 4:30 PM : Doors will be opened for us to get inside.

- Any late comers will be waiting for the official opening by 5:30 PM. but they gonna lose much of advantages.

* Please, the early entrance is only of CS members. So only attended CSer in this event will be allowed to enter.
Anyone else you wanna invite will be welcome but will enter at the official time.

Photographers & Photography campaign

Ministry of Culture is looking for professional & Volunteer photographers. You are all welcome to join our Campaign & Competition. If you are interested to join, you should attend tomorrow earlier than the opening ceremony to setup your tripod & for the media to setup your camera in the proper positions...

It's highly recommended to call the event organizer to arrange with him.


Ehab Hamed
CouchSurfing Ambassador
Egypt Moderator
Cellphone: +2 0100 1766198
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