TIPSY TUESDAY: 5/14/13: The Local. Downtown

Organized by Kalyan Pokala
Join us at Tipsy Tuesday, San Diego's weekly Couchsurfing meet-up!

What is Tipsy Tuesday, you may ask?

Tipsy Tuesday is San Diego's weekly meetup where traveling CouchSurfers, hosts and future CSers mingle and meet new and old friends. This event is great to meet locals and for people new to CouchSurfing looking to meet actual CSers. Hosts, bring your surfers! Surfers, bring your hosts!

This Tuesday we will be meeting at The Local: Eatery and Drinking Hole. It's in an area of downtown a wee bit from the Gaslamp, so there's plenty of parking. They have a Taco Tuesday special and Mexican beers are three dollars. So are margaritas. 4 tasters for 9 dollars and tacos are 2.50 to 3.00 a piece.

If you're having trouble making it out ask if anyone is interested in carpooling from your area, don't be shy!
Your host for the event will be me, Kalyan, so stop by and have a drink with me, I promise you won't be disappointed by this small but wonderful Couchsurfing community. Come alone, or bring friends (non-CSers are always welcome)
We usually average 30-50 people *despite* how many people actually RSVP. But I've noticed, the more people that RSVP, the bigger the crowd is. People see that the event is going to be huge, and then they decide to come, even when they don't RSVP.
If you're shy and don't want to RSVP? Fine by me! RSVPs aren't required. This isn't a formal shindig!
If you are thinking if you should go and haven't been... you should go.
If you think the event is too far away... it's not.
I look forward to seeing you there!

Address: 1065 Fourth Ave. San Diego, CA 92101

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