Tokyo creative networking night

Organized by Aki Noguchi
Tokyo's biggest meetup group will have an Art Event on Nov.23 inviting creative artists/event planner for short presentations followed by networking party.
If you have anything to share/talk about your creativity, please feel free to join as a speaker too!

Entrance : 1500 yen with one drink
Time : 5pm to 7pm (you can stay after the event)
Venue : Pinkcow, Roppongi

Speakers :

<Kayoko Oshima>
Founder & CEO of JUMP TO SPACE Co.,Ltd., a Space exhibit planning and consulting company. She will introduce us a stunning art project held at Japanese experiment module in International Space Station, including LED experiment called "Spiral Top".

"Spiral Top" photo link:
Cover photo Image Credit: Andy Warhol
All rights reserved Courtesy: NASA Art Program

<Towa Hiyoshi>
Professional photographer studied photography at Hunter College/city university of New York. She captures model's mellow moment like a cover photo of fashion magazine.

Link :
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