training/running/spartan race

Organized by Jade Thibodeau
Hello sportives!

If you would like to join me for trainings, I will be running and climbing Mont-Royal, mainly on weekends.

My main goal is to train for some races happening this spring and this summer. Since, it is always better to train with other people, come join us!

I am also looking for some folks to create a team. I would like to do the Spartan race on may 26 at Morin Heights and maybe try the harder race on june 30th at Mont Tremblant.
here is the link:
This is basically an obstacle race. There will be the Spring Race (easiest) on may 26th at Morin Height and june 2nd at Le Massif. And then, the Super Race (harder) on june 30th at Mont Tremblant.

For those who prefer biking, I will also do the Tour de l'île in early june.

PS: I am not super athletic even if I sound like it, I just enjoy being outside. So don't feel shy or scared to train with us!
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    Yo Jade, i'm booked in for the race in Toronto for the june race. I'm keen to train with you guys on saturday...I leave Montreal the next day :)
    11am is the starting time? Mont-Royal the starting location? So far, the CS event address location is the old port...
    Is it. Free?
    I have not put any real location since we can all choose together. It would be great to train around mont-royal or parc la fontaine since the joggin tracks are great.
    11am is a perfect time for me, but what is the best for you?

    Josh, trainning are definitely free. The Spartan Race is at a certain cost, but you can simply join us for the jogging and workout!
    I have to Look. Hope i can Join u
    I suggest to meet at the angel statue (avenue Du Parc & Rachel) at 11am and start the training from there :)
    sounds good for me
    Cool, Any ideal work-out to start with at 11am?

    If anyone know a better location to met, please let us know or we meet at the angel statue. Let pray for our wings to grow and to spread as strong and wide as the angel ;)
    let me know if you do this again
    There is an upcoming event every week: you cannot see it on the right?

    Thanks Jade, we made it to the top already :)

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