TRAVELERS & VISITORS: Halloween party at Bob K's amazing apartment and rooftop

Organized by the_juanderer, Dave Rasch
OK... There are LOCALS (if you live within 100 miles of NYC, we consider you a LOCAL) signing up on this page, so I have created another INVITE-ONLY group for the NON-locals here:

If you join this event, please post that you have joined, and if your Coucshurfing profile indicates that they do not live the NYC area, I will put you in the group, and make a comment that you have been invited.

If you click on that link and you can see the event, that means that you have been invited and you are on the list. If you click on that link and you get a message that "You are not a member of this private group." it means that you were NOT invited, that you are NOT on the list.

If you are living in NYC for only a few months, that is OK, but I have NO WAY to know that just from looking at your CS profile.


P.S. I'm really sorry for all this confusion. And kind of annoyed that locals are trying to sign up on this page...
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