Traveling to Morocco anyone?

Organized by Katie Spencer
I´m a solo girl traveler with blonde hair and blue eyes... and would like to go to Morocco. I have traveled to countries like Morocco before and it´s stressful being on my own. Plus, we would have the benefit of traveling together and sharing the costs. The stress takes aways from the enjoyment of the adventure. I´ve done some reading about Morocco and I think it would be better for a blonde haired blue eyed girl to not travel alone.

I am working as an auxillare de conversacion. It´s too far and expensive for me to fly home to Seattle for the break. I have already seen other places in Europe, so I am interested in seeing something very different from Western culture and having experiences that don´t exisit in our culture. I am also a budget traveling and I like to use couchsurfing when possible and hostels.
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