Camping Trip to the Polish Baltic sea

Organized by JULES.., Laura R.
Join us on a camping trip to the Polish Baltic coast! We will go to the seaside resort Międzyzdroje (German: Misdroy) located on the island of Wollin less than 4 hours by train from Berlin.

Międzyzdroje is situated between wide sandy beaches with high cliffs and the forests of the Woliński National Park. There's a possiblity of renting bikes and exploring the national park or just go for a walk. There are many restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and supermarkets in the town. The beach tends to be a bit crowded on sunny weekends but since it's really huge it's always possible to find a good spot. They also have a nice pier (Seebrücke). Last time I went there they had an electro party right at the beach, so there might even be something to do at night. However, the main idea is to have a relaxed weekend:-)

The campsite is located 400m from the beach. The price is less than 5€ per night if you share a tent with one more person. You'd pay aprox. 2.50€ for the tent and 3.25 per person. You can find all the information about the camp site here:
(not the best English, but still understandable I hope)

The cost for getting there is also very low: We will buy a Berlin-Brandenburg ticket to Szczecin (Stettin). It costs 29€ and can be shared by 5 people. So in the best case everyone pays less than 6€ for this one. From Szczecin we will take the Polish train to Międzyzdroje which will cost aprox. 4-5€. At least it was like that two years ago when I did this trip, but I don't think it has changed much. So the price for getting there will be 10€ each way.

Travel details: We will meet Saturday morning at 7:45 on platform 10 at Berlin Gesundbrunnen. We will then buy the Berlin-Brandburg ticket together. Our train will leave at 8:05 from this platform. We will arrive in Szczecin at 09:48.
We will then buy our tickets to Międzyzdroje and take the next train at 10:05. We'll arrive in Międzyzdroje at 11:36.

We'll take the train back to Berlin on Sunday at 17:57 and will arrive in Berlin at 21:40. If the weather is really nice there is also the option of staying a few days longer, the Berlin-Brandenburg ticket is valid on every day of the week. We just have to organise the group a bit, so that nobody has to go back alone and pay the full ticket price.

We have limited the number of participants to 11 because we don't want to travel with such a huge group and we think this group size would be perfect for such a trip. This way we can buy 2 Berlin-Brandenburg tickets for 5ppl each assuring the lowest price for everyone (one of us has a student ticket which allows her to travel for free in Berlin and Brandenburg, that's why the number is 11...)

Therfore, it is very important that you


Please be aware that we're going to camp there so you'd need a tent, camping mat and sleeping bag. So far we have two tents which fits 2 ppl each, so we might be able to lend one of those.

Looking forward to a great weekend by the sea!!

Laura & Julia
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