Tuesday Night Drinks - RickHouse, SF

Organized by AXE.PULI
Hey folks,

For the 26th week of this event, we are going to meet at Rickhouse in SF, in line with the schedule posted below and in the CS link. It is the chance of SF drinks this week. It is in the financial district.

It is a full bar and it is open till 2AM, we can go somewhere around at some point if the crowd demands it. They apparently make mean ass punch bowls and I wanna have one of those

Hoping to see some people from SF and nearby areas for this event this week, apart from the weekly regulars and travelers nearby.

For more info check the yelp:

Since it is in SF and cutting through rush hour, I will try to be there between 7:30-8PM, more closer to 8PM.

We can discuss about carpools from the north/south bay.

Everyone who is coming please comment on the wall, to confirm and also let others know of the time you are arriving there.

Feel free to invite/bring your friends.

I would like to bring more life into the SJ CS community just like I did in PHX. So let's get everyone together for drinks every week on the most boring day of the week, that's right - Tuesday.

So let us meet every week at a different place, I have been doing this for about 6 months in and around MV/Palo Alto for most part. It is time to move on :)

So from now on, I would like to have this event every week in a different part of the bay area, so as to cover different areas and get more people out from all these areas. At the end of the month, the circle starts again.

For now the 4 zones are:
1. Peninsula: limit this to bars in Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood city, Menlo Park, Los Altos.
2. SF City : limit this to bars in SF
3. SJ city : limit this to bars in and near Downtown SJ, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale
4. South of DT SJ : limit this to bars in Campbell, Los Gatos, South SJ, Santa Cruz

It would be easier to conquer them by area :)

we can decide on the spot every week through discussion here. Please suggest away!! :)

Let's get this rollin'

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