Tuesday Night Drinks @ Lilly Mac's, Sunnyvale

Organized by AXE.PULI
Welcome to the 50th edition of Tuesday night Drinks.

Lets get over to Lilly Mac's Irish bar and Restaurant in downtown Sunnyvale. They seem to have a decent selection of microbrews, beers and food and this is a first here.

The place is open pretty late on tuesdays, and murphy is full of bars, so we can go elsewhere and play pool, etc if required :)

starts at 7:30p, (due to rush hour it's ok if you arrive by 8 :P). Earlier, if you prefer.

Look for us generally near the bar. If you cant find us, please coordinate using this page, check out for updates!

i need help from someone to co-host this event weekly please let me know, if anyone is interested :)!

dont miss out. Let everyone else know when you are coming in.

RSVP's and ETA below is expected.

Feel free to invite/bring your friends.

Hey folks,

This weekly event was started here by Axe in March 2013 when he moved to the bay area, as a continuation of Monday Night drinks in PHX.
It was started in an effort to bring more life to the SanJose CS community just like he did a couple of years back in PHX. Community involvement and participation gets stronger through regular meet-ups. They go hand-in-hand.

This event has had several face-lifts over the last few months, moving from Only-MV area bars to becoming any event night; not restricting to drinks alone.

For a brief time, I had the awesome & lovely Tara, co-hosting this event to help me out. But now that she is on her world-travels, I am looking for someone else to help me co-host! Please let me know if you can :)

Idea is to get everyone together every week on the most boring day of the week, that's right - Tuesday.

The events could alternate between drinks and/or other activities every week. Please provide suggestions and also we are looking for people to host game/movie night at their house. Let us know if you can.

From here on, the event is in a different part of the bay area every week, so as to cover different areas and get more people out from all these areas.

For now the 3 zones are:
1. Peninsula : limit this to places in Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood city, Menlo Park, Los Altos.
2. SJ City : limit this to places in Downtown SJ, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale
3. South of DT SJ : limit this to places in Campbell, Los Gatos, South SJ, Santa Cruz

we can decide on the spot every week through discussion here. Please suggest away!! :)

Let's get this rollin'

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