Twin Peaks

Organized by Diane Hope
The thing: If you got here is cuz ur really interested on this master piece.

The idea: Looking for a place (bar, house) with a projector to watch and episode (two? let's talk about it!) a week, of Twin Peaks.

Why?: Because we love it. Because there are a lot of rumor of the serie continuing soon.

"In recent interviews David Lynch has said repeatedly that he wants to work in TV again because of the chance to work on a "continuing story".
Rewind a few months ago to the first USC Twin Peaks Retrospective and Mark Frost said in response to a question about the 25 year later factor and reviving the show "All I can say is this. Twin Peaks is a CONTINUING STORY, and that comes from both DAVID and myself...""


11/06/1991 Laura Palmer's words to Agent Cooper...

"I'll see you again in 25 years"
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    It's a rumor, but there's a lot of people asking for it since years, and since DL said that about not more cinema and "TV let you continue a story..." UHM!!!!!


    Yesterday I went to a bar of a guy I know, and there's a HUGE problem:


    We could get a bill for a lot of money if they catch us and is pretty easy... So... Who knows somebody with a projector? Spread the word, ask everybody, I really believe there is a lot of TWIN PEAKS fans all over the city, we could make a club haha.

    Would you guys like to meet? Doing a research I've found this:

    Yes, a bar called the black lodge!

    See ya!

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