Uni project - interview

Organized by Veronika [Roni] Karsai
Hello there! Thanks for your time in advance for reading this.
So, I was given an assignment at the uni: I have to interview a foreigner, who's living preferably at Budapest (I mean, not just on a short visit) and who does a job that I wouldn't do. It is not the thing that it is disgusting or just something to be hated, it means, that that job is simply not my cup of tea.
I thought that here I could do a sort of research. I would be really grateful if somebody had the time for me. It would take I guess an hour or so.
I searching for people who would participate voluntarily. I'm interested in your stories anyway. :)
Hope somebody finds me, who could help me. Thank you!!!!
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    What job do you mean? Does English teacher come into this category? :p
    I figured I would select from the "applicants". I got some messages already. I'll meet with one of them on this weekend, but thanks for your reply as well.
    Actually, your job is a tricky one. I've never planned to be a teacher and I've never understood why everybody thought that I would be a teacher with an English major. Maybe I didn't think of becoming a teacher, because my English teachers e.g. were not at all good. Thus, I have a strange relationship with the teacher "title".

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