Usual friday meeting, aka english/spanish exchange

Organized by Luca Guerrini
Usual friday meeting at La Amsteleria.
Good chance to meet interesting people while practicing your english (if you struggle with it) or your spanish (if you're foreign and want to manage to get the magnificent spanish "rrrrrr"). Well, I guess that a native english speaker could also learn how to pronounce " i jhave a jhouse in escotland" like a truly Spaniard but it's likely not the point why we meet.
Everybody's welcomed, the more the merrier. And please, PLEASE, confirm your attendance, since some of the CSs don't live in Tarragona and before they get the car and drive up here, they deserve to know that they won't be alone. Be nice with them even if they're different.
See you on friday!
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    I think with the Easter processions on I will be up near the old town - if people wanted to come here this might be better?
    The actual plan is meeting at the Amsteleria and then moving to the city centre around 7:30-8ish for the procession (we'll try to be there when it's about to finish, don't worry, ahahah). Whoever is coming after that time, please write it here and/or send me a PM then I'll give you my phone number to be in touch.

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