Vegan Picknick! 27 July 2013

Organized by KEDIDE, oya Kipmen
Lets have a vegan picknick!
Seaside of Fındıklı tramway station, there is a statue you can see below, in the yandex map. We will be there. Please bring home made delicious vegan food. If you can't you can bring fruits or drinks to share.. Try to bring your own plates, forks and spoons to avoid lots of plastic stuff around.

Özlem 0535 312 14 33ürkiye%2C+İstanbul%2C+Beyoğlu%2C+Fındıklı&sll=28.989263%2C41.031608&ll=28.989954%2C41.030820&spn=0.011008%2C0.001625&z=17&l=map%2Cstv&ol=stv&oll=28.98956823%2C41.0313402&ost=dir%3A124.49102007367895%2C0%7Espn%3A89.99999987427145%2C39.06690990089194
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