Vienna on 13th December - to socialize and see the central town

Organized by Soren Azatyan
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    Hi there
    I will be passing via Vienna and will have ca 8 hours to explore it in a relaxed mode as much as it will be possible to see it.

    It would be nice to meetup some folks and hang out together or walk together and discuss about everything and nothing.

    Whom you will meet: Me, a 28 years guy who likes philosophical way of looking at things, open minded and extremely friendly and sometimes polite. I am interested in Healthy life-style, Entrepreneurship, IT, Self-development, also a bit Esoteric.

    I will probably checkout the Xmas Market, walk in central parts, and Also for sure hang out somewhere that you all would suggest.

    Would you be in the mood to join and socialize for some time on that day ? As long as its spontaneous and fun or feels right, just let me know.
    Have a good time.

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