VILLAGE HALLOWEEN PARADE 2013 and afterparty in Webster Hall :)

Organized by Rita Andrea Simon

This is gonna be my first real American Halloween Party and I wanna make it unforgetable with you guys! :)



I didn't really get that much suggestions.. so here is my plan:

We can meet up at the corner of Spring St. and Wooster St. (there is a CHANEL boutique there) between 6-6.30 pm.

/Entering to the 6th Ave through SULLIVAN ST./

Let's say, we would stay there by 9 pm - after that heading to the Couchsurfing Meeting ( /The address is: Amity Hall 80 W 3rd St (between Thompson and Sullivan) West Village, Manhattan, NYC/

I have already bought my ticket to Webster Hall so I am going there for sure around 10.30/11 pm...

Here is my number: +1 203 780 2157.

Try to be on time!! If you are really late and don't let us know about it, we won't wait for you.

If you don't wanna come to all of these, we can meet up in the next place. :)

I am soo excited to have some fun with you guys!! :)

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