Weekend EVE... Music Festival Night @ Citadel

Organized by Ehab Hamed
Traditionally we call it " Thursday NIGHT ". People used to do something special in this night. Employees or students, young or old, families or friends whoever they could be. Starting from making their engagement or wedding party, family or friends gathering, outing, dinner out or even talking and debates, watching a movie or soccer game. It's not only about socializing but doing varies activities enjoying their time, having fun, and also be able to stay for a late time where it's the weekend Eve..

It's the time to have our Couchsurfing Weekend EVE..
**************** Let's do something.. Let's make it CRAZY ;)

Weekend EVE Interactive update

- Check samples of our past Weekend EVE events online photos & Launching party Album

This Weekend EVE

You're invited this weekend eve for the opening ceremony of the annual music festival " Fete De La Musique " in Salah El Deen Citadel..

The whole program will be announced soon.
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