Weekly Couchsurfing Meetup Wednesday 10/2/13 : Movie Premiere of "One Couch At A Time"

Organized by Dylan Berichon
The Portland Premiere screening of Alexandra Liss' couchsurfing documentary "One Couch At a Time"!

Greetings all!

This is a VERY special weekly CS meetup and event!

In conjunction with the Living Room Theater, I'm presenting Alexandra Liss' documentary "One Couch At A Time"; a film about her experiences travelling the world and using couchsurfing!

The film begins at 7:00pm and should wrap about 9pm.

Post movie meetup will be at Life of Riley, which is a short 4 block walk from the Theater. The address is 300 NW 10th, Portland, OR 97209.

The Living Room Theater is one of the most upscale theaters in the entire Portland Metro. Excellent food and drink options are available, including a lot of excellent draft beer!

Be advised, because of alcohol sales, this event is age restricted to 21+.

Tickets are $8 for this event. (This is STRICTLY to cover the costs of the theater. Also, I know that one of the unwritten rules of a CS meetup is that there be no cost involved, but I think this is a special case. For those that don't wish to pay for a ticket but still would like to get together, we will be gathering after the film nearby.)

Reserve your tickets now! Follow the link below:


Any questions? Contact me via my mobile at 503-427-8305.

See you at the movies!
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