Weekly Happy Hour at Von Trapp's in Capitol Hill

Organized by Peter Truong
Hey all, Peter here. I'm taking over happy hour for the next couple weeks, and first up is what is probably Seattle's biggest, best German pub. Von Trapp's as a huge range of German, Belgian, and other beers, many available in sizes ranging from 2 oz to 1 liter. We're also going to rent a Bocce Ball court at 8:15, a simple, fun game you can learn in minutes. I'll be there with at least one other person in the bier hall at 5:30. Happy hour ends at 6:00. Walk in, turn right, and look for me the 5'5" half Asian, half white guy. It's a big bar so I came up with the genius idea of writing "Couchsurfing" on a piece of computer paper and putting it on our table. We have rented tables starting at 8. The event officially ends at 9, but usually people stay later, and oftentimes venue change for anyone who may want to stay out particularly late.

The happy hour special is $4 rotating drafts and house wines.
Thursday CS Happy Hours are well attended (avg 25 people), a lot of fun, and a great way to meet local and traveling CS-ers.

If you can't find the place or have general questions feel free to call Peter 206 fore feiv nein too nein fore sicks
If you're traveling from abroad its always a good idea to bring your passport as some bars don't take foreign ID's.  You must be age 21 or older to drink in the US.

Also, this is Justin Soliz's bday party. He's a regular, so this should be even better! He posted his bday as starting at 8, but HH will start at 5:30 for those who want to start early.


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