Weekly Wellington Wednesday drinks

Organized by Tim Edwards
Hotel Bristol, upstairs.

Meet other CS members (and their assorted friends, flatmates, etc).

Local hosts catching up and meeting people from outside work/hobbies.
Travellers coming through who want an evening away from dorm rooms/couches
People new to the city
.....many people

Sometimes we have 10-12 people, and sometime 60+

We're at the Bristol (see map on this page) as it is central, large, and for those who wish to consume a beverage while chatting, it has $5 beer/wine on Wednesdays (that is CHEAP for Wellington), and free pool tables.

We are usually in the upstairs side-room with blue couches, but be sure to look for us and the sign in case random other people have got to the couches before us (or booked the room).
The bar is sometimes busy with the public and the sign is a small one on a table, LOOK for it, it is not a large neon flashing one.
if you have difficulty finding us, try TXT/SMSing me on 021 1560833

I can't get there till after 8 most weeks, but we're hoping to arrange for a definite 'somebody' to be there from 7.30 as a point of contact, sign-holder, etc for people to converge on...any volunteers?

Anyone is welcome to meet up earlier. Arrange on the forum if you want to do something earlier.

(if you arrive earlier and decide to sit in a different part of the pub, hoping people will converge on you then ok, but it is then especially a good idea to bring your own sign [experience shows regular and new people will not look around but will head to the blue couches], please).

There's no set finish time - we are students, professionals, travelers and other people; every week we don't really know who will show up or when people will drift home (anything from 10pm to 3am, from experience)
(NB: there is an end time on the event listing only because the CS website insists that I put one, and I choose a late time so nobody feels they have to leave early, but there is no guarantee that we'll be there late.)
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