Monthly Welcome New Members Meeting - Welcome On Board of CouchSurfing EgYpT

Organized by Ehab Hamed
Are you already a fresh member in Couchsurfing ? or just got fan of us ! Heard about us through National Festivals or even joined some of our Events and Activities ! But still feel unfamiliar with what's Couchsurfing for and who we are ?

It's a time to show you the long road, take your hands in the first steps with Couchsurfing to get ready and involved with our hyper active community and goes overseas.

Briefly; In this meeting you'll be introduced to Couchsurfing, it's objectives, facilities, activities as well as our local community events, achievements, cooperation with Egyptian ministries and the road map to fulfill our global vision ( In a fun & attractive approach).

Upon your attending, you'll also receive your free copy of the newly launched city guide magazine that cover Couchsurfing in Egypt.

Let's catch the train and get on board with us...

*PS. This event is organized since 2011 on monthly base

For Community details:

Ehab Hamed
CouchSurfing Ambassador
Egypt Moderator
Cellphone: +2 0100 1766198

*************** Attachment Meeting Agenda ***************

* Gathering from 7:00 to 7:30 PM
* Starting: 7:30 to 9:30 PM

- Welcome you to Couchsurfing community
- Introducing our self.
- Listening to you and your inquiry about Couchsurfing as well as your first impression.
- Introducing Couchsurfing as a global community and what's it for in more details.
- Our website overview and how to use it.
- Couchsurfing general activities and tools offered.
- Couchsurfing trustworthiness levels, safety, and administration teams.
- Couchsurfing Term of use, guidelines and how to deal with abuses.
- Your first steps with Couchsurfing and how to go through.
- Couchsurfing in Egypt; Past and Future.

- Couchsurfing EgYpT; major activities, events, groups, members,...etc.
- CouchSurfing EgYpT achievements, milestones, and organized festivals.

- Listening again and answering any of your questions.

Boccilli cafe, El Hanager Art Center, inside Cairo Opera House
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