Welcome to Shenzhen to join the international couchsurfing friends gathering

Organized by daniel-su xueqing
This will be the biggest gathering of couchserfing friends in Shenzhen. Come here and join us, regardless of nationalities and identity, we sincerely invite friends from home and abroad. We can make like-minded friends here and share the wonderful road stories. Here is a warm family forever. On the occasion of Mid-autumn festival reunion, welcome to enjoy a upcoming feast and the happy moment.
Do you want to know more about China?
Do you want to make Chinese friend?
Do you want to travel around china with couchsurfing, OK….if your answer is yes, please come to join with us. Welcome to our party, we are always here waiting for you.

Activities objects:
We mainly invite friends in Shenzhen and around Shenzhen. including the Heyuan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. All people who like traveling and couchsurfing are welcome.

Activities purpose:
No.1 We are share the same one moon, whenever we see the moon, it always let us think of our hometown and relatives, though we are far away from each other, come to our activities, we get together like a family and sustenance homesickness.
No2. We will make it as an annually friends meeting, in Shenzhen. it will also be a celebration for the fourth anniversary of China’s couchsurfing.
No.3 Though this is a gathering, we hope more people will know about it and join our group of couchsurfing , those who can join us will be able to make more friends here.
No4. Another purpose is to promote the spirit of the couchusurfing. As we live in the same blue sky and we trust each other, we expect to make the world more beautiful without strangers.
Activities content:
No.1 We will get together at 2:00pm in the kite square. Then we go to visit the Lianhua mountain park and take photos in front of the statue Deng Xiao ping, we’ll have a good local guide during the visit to Shenzhen.
No.2 we will share our travel experiences among us. Which include hiking, ticket evasion, take car free of charge, and with spots introduction and so on (absolutely is a valuable lessons)
No.3 we will go hiking Shenzhen downtown and then go to barbecue, kite flying, flying our dream.
No.4 In the evening, we will see the moon together while flying the lanterns and fireworks, other more exciting activities are being updated, whoever will attend it can receive some mysterious gifts. We have a professional camera team, Of course, the cost is” AA “.
You can reply to posts or contact with QQ:402037291
Tel:18664936046 / 1341732736
Registration form: Name+phone
Traffic guide:
Set from the Louhu pot or railway station, take Bus 25 to “Luohu park”; or set from the airport: take Bus 338 to "LianHuaBeiCun station" and then walk for 600 meters.
Other via buses: 10, 14, 15, 25, 35, 38, 41, 54, 60, 65, 71, 107, 111, K105 , 235 , 236, 237, 350, 374, 383, 391.

Maps: http://map.baidu.com/?newmap=1&ie=utf-8&s=s%26wd%3D%E6%B7%B1%E5%9C%B3%E8%8E%B2%E8%8A%B1%E5%B1%B1%E5%85%AC%E5%9B%AD
Chinese website:http://www.cnsfk.com/thread-254653-1-1.html

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