✖ Yet Another House Party ✖

Organized by StefanBo
Title says it all :). Because I'm in the mood, and because there hasn't been one in a while, yet another party at my place.

There will be:
- Drinking Games (Flip Cup + Beer Pong)
- Musical Instruments (Guitar + Ukulele)
- Video Games (Xbox Kinect)
- Music (although I don't have a good sound system :)
- ... and other stuff, that I probably forgot at the moment.


- silly hat
- dressing up in orange (because Queensday is just around the corner)

One more thing: we'll probably party until 1-2am (or until the police shows up, because my neighbours really like me :) and afterwards we'll head to a bar or club. I'll send out the address (it's a 5min walk from http://goo.gl/maps/peJ7Y and easy to reach by tram or sbahn) on friday / saturday (depends on how many people will join :).

See you around.
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