Yoga in the Park (Hasenheide) - Free

Organized by Kent Christopher
The weather looks like it will be nice enough on Tuesday for at least one more Yoga in the Park session: 19 degrees and sunny!

Meet at the Graefestraße entrance to Hasenheide (across from Lidl). From there we'll walk to a spot in Hasenheide and do yoga for 75 to 90 minutes.

The style of yoga I'll be sharing is meditative in nature. We'll be holding basic poses for 1 to 5 minutes with eyes closed, following each pose with a moment of relaxation and internal reflection, plus a final relaxation at the end of the class. We won't be doing any "OMs" or strange chanting, and I don't use Sanskrit names for poses. We will be working with chakras (yogic energy points of the body) and focusing on the movement of energy within the body (though this can also be thought of as moving your focused awareness).

If you don't have a yoga mat I suggest bringing a blanket, sheet, sarong or something similar. I also recommend bringing extra layers of clothing and/or a light blanket to cover up with for the final relaxation.

It's best to avoid eating in the hour before class. If you need to eat, keep it light (no meat).

Please join the event so I know to expect you. Likewise please *leave* the event if it turns out you can't come.

This class is free. If you'd like to make a donation, that's fine.

Don't come late. Really. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes if it's your first time. If you miss us at the meeting spot, Hasenheide is way too big of a park to roam around trying to find us. If you have come before and know the usual spot you can try to catch up with us. Once the class has started, however, joining late is very disruptive. Please don't do it.

By request, I've created a Facebook group to make it easier for people to keep track of upcoming classes. Feel free to join but YOU STILL NEED TO JOIN THE CS EVENT so I know you're coming.

Any questions, just ask below or send me a message.
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