Yoga, Meditation and Sound

Organized by Goddes!
If you want to explore your body and meditation please join us, here we will be examine together, different postures, the relaxation of the mind, accompanied by sound and if time allows and people is willing, a potluck feast, to share verbally our experience, to improve and expand our inner study.

The idea is to immerse in a continues practice and learn a bit more about our body and to communicate with it.

Please tell your friends to join, it is a fun and deep expedition of the self throughout movements and sound.

Don't forget:

* A Yoga Mat

* Yoga props like, pillows, blocks, blankets or anything you think you might need for your practice.

*A dish to share we will be hungry after the class and sharing is always fun :)

* Comfortable clothes for your practice

* A bottle of water

* Be mindful and be on time.

Donations are always welcome ;)

Thanks To La Plante.

Live Laugh Love

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