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What type of Share Economy do you use? Space Hitch
Ski touring around Akureyri Fel Radeck
Where to look for a room to rent? Maria Kojonen
finding a travel mate Damiañ Nenadic 1last
DAydream in Akuyeri Tluabiht Acorbud
Visiting in November/December for 4 Days - Looking for Hosts/Advice! Jenny Pyle
drink, chat, travel, fun 26th to 28th july north anita Szabóová 5last
26th july to 28th july trip to north anita Szabóová
Akureyri Nightlife - Concert of Jónas Sig Sonja Fuhrmann 3last
A postcard request Edrin Kondi
photo-world-travel Anna Shevchuk
4 Hungarian friends visiting Iceland 24-30 June looking for a couch, or a local who likes travel around with us etc... Mate Javor
somebody going to have some drinks tonight??? Þorvaldur Thorgeirsson 1last
Iceland in June! Felix Müller 1last
drink today Senf Senf 1last
:) Roberto Amthauer Ojeda
Visiting Akureyri without renting a car TD Chiu
March 16th host!! Erin Trinier
Reydafjordur Lucas Tripoteau
dettifoss Kane Walker 2last
Trip to Iceland in summer ! Rislaine Ben 3last
Little adventures around Akureyri Sasha Lamsvelt 1last
Snowboarding! Sasha Lamsvelt 3last
Looking for a host in Akureyri (28th of February til 1st or 2nd of March) Sarah Sp
Looking for a reliable ride to Reykjavik or Akureyri. Matt Martens 2last