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Parkour / Freerunning in Budapest Axel HT 3last
Hitchhiking in Balkans in April - May Olesia Gordiienko 1last
Searching for travel buddy, 1st of May from Budapest, Hungary Milosh Dimkovski
beer meeting Rotem Goren 1last
Traveling thru Share Economy Ale Xandra
Food, party or sport with locals/surfers in Budapest over 28-30th? Vojta Uhlir
Looking for people March 23-25 Pol Martin
Russian young family looking for a company in Budapest Vladislav Rodichev
Party in pool, sauna and thermal baths this saturday 15 LUIS ALEJANDRO Medina Escobar
Motorcycle friendly? Kamil Świtoń 1last
Reach Budapest tomorrow,but still no couch. Is there any friend can couch me for two days. Everflood Xie
7th - 10th March Adela Mikschikova
road to Amsterdam Riad Zalihic 3last
Place needed for 3nights! Sarah Heim
Help for love;) Nina Vlatkovic
Budapest to Prague 14.02 Marta Kornacka 2last
Coming for a training.. afterwards who wants to hang out?? Jad Esseily 3last
3 nights to stay Pal Kovacs 2last
staying in Budapest for couple days. Somr Kali
in Hungary from yesterday Beshoy Kamal
med students meeting Traian Panciu
5 Belgian girls in Budapest: 5-10 february! Veronique Vermeylen 1last
"What are you afraid of?" emma Buck
hello there! liad Shemesh 3last