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Ride to toronto on Thanksgiving. Sylvia Zhang
Couch in Kingston for one or two nights this weekend Kerstin Apel
ride to Toronto? Lenschen_K
Share Kingston and see the world, be a part of the "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT!!! Clément Elbaz
local friends and advice Ross Maler
Looking for some cool people who play soccer Rafael Lopez 10last
Looking for someone to carpool with next year going from Brockville or Smithsfalls to SLC Kingston everyday! Laura Treffers 1last
USA ROADTRIP Sandrine L-C 8last
Road Trip to Bonnaroo Caitlin Dalby
Ride to GTA SEANYOU 1last
Kingston Rock ? Nadjmou BOINA 2last
Toronto to Kingston April 1 morning Martha Bilton
small help Riad Zalihic
Project for my blog: Send a postcard and help to create something big KATRINEXPORESTHEWORLD
Rooms for rent to students in kingston on home for sept petrina Dressler
Kingston in May Yoohee Shin 2last
Anyone driving to Toronto Tuesday March 26 in the afternoon? Barb Tilander-Mack
Anyone need a place to sublet this summer or rent next year? Laura Treffers 2last
Potlucks! Genevieve Deacon
Rideshare to Toronto (Tuesday April 2nd) from Kingston jeremy Loshak
Please help me graduate, I would like 5 minutes of your time to fill in a survey. Amber Lane
Kingston Canada or Kingston US? Omar Cruz 3last
Local Living Festival April 27 Canton NY just over the Prescott Bridge Chelle Lindahl
Greetings Marie Kavuala
hello, demet erdem