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Hi Osaka! Arriving on 30th April! Ryan Yeap 5last
Would you please add Japan to my map? Kendrick Kaufman
Osaka/Kyoto/Nara 4/5-4/7 Sydney LeVan 4last
Nara and Koya-san Lucie et Grég
Come Help with our New Project! SpaceHitch .com
Japanese sake restaurant. Yusuke Nomoto
Osaka this weekend 14-17th David King 4last
Anyone want to explore Osaka with me on Saturday! jasmine harding 2last
Recommendation of travel to Osaka and Kyoto in Sep or Jun Janet Chang 2last
Osaka For a Weekend! Alexsander King
Osaka THIS SATURDAY simon Slater
Hi! Christopher Karuś
a favor please!! Ruslan Aitaliev
2 German guys in Osaka 18/19/?20? Jan Paulus
Anyone fancy joining us for halloween party today? ryo Tsurita 1last
got 2 extra tickets for Paul Mccartney's concert on 11/11 and wanna sell it Chou Peiching
beer tonight? ~nishinari-ku~ Zviki ツビキ Segal
hey i wanna hang out seo Jiyun 4last
Quick questionnaire for thesis research, pleaseee :) Csilla Sallai
Halloween party at my place! Osaka, Japan.on 19th Oct. Yuko Ushio
Help!!! Carolyn Webb
Please help me with my thesis :) Csilla Sallai
Osaka Help! :) Daria Pe 2last
Hang out!!! Alecks Mutuc 8last
始めまして! 教えてください! Hi! I need your help! Weezer Wz 3last