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Zhangye monthly meetup? Shan Zheng 12last
Tibet-Nepal cheap Max Troy-Donovan
Hiiii, anyone in Xinning I could crash down for 2 nights?:-) Alenka Čajová
Xinning or Qinghai Hu?:-) Alenka Čajová 3last
Do you know a way to go live with some nomad tribes on the Qinghai plateau ? Nicolas Peyrelongue 10last
Xining weekly/monthly meetup? Sean van Bergenhenegouwen 8last
Getting to the airport for early morning flights? Will Doenlen
Travelmates/ advice sought: Lanzhou-Xining-Xinjiang mid-late August 2012 Justin Brown 4last
Anyone interested in going for a beer/coffee on Aug. 6-10 ? UNGAI
Is there a couch available for me? SONYA_ZHAO
Hitchhiking from Lanzhou/Xining to North Xinjiang A.j. Huang 1last
visiting Xining in early July and go from there MOVIEJUNKIE
gathering in xining Echo Sheng 17last
Wandering around Asier Gabikagojeazkoa