The referencing system allows members to share information about their interactions with other members, enabling the community to make more informed decisions.

Relationships forged in our community are based on trust, honesty and respect. References should reflect those core concepts. We ask that the information provided in a reference is accurate and relevant to the experience with the recipient.

Couchsurfing’s default position is to not interfere with reference content left by members. In extremely rare circumstances, Couchsurfing may moderate reference content:

  • The reference is in violation of our reference guidelines or Terms of Use
  • We are served a court or law enforcement order with a request for removal

References Guidelines

References may be temporarily hidden or removed when they:

  1. Describe someone else's experience
    Note: It's OK to mention someone who impacted your experience but is not a member of Couchsurfing. If that person is a member, you should leave the reference for them directly. "Diego was nice, but his roommate Sergio made me really uncomfortable."
  2. Contain private contact information or describe a private medical condition or legal circumstance
  3. Are false according to information in the Couchsurfing system
    Note: In such case when contacting the Safety Team, the reporter should highlight the exact statement that is false, along with details of the exact location of the evidence within the Couchsurfing website.
  4. The reference is anonymous
    Note: For example, left from a blank profile that was created only in order to leave the reference.
  5. The reference constitutes harassment through repeated updates
    Note: Multiple updates within a short period of time (like 10 times in 1 day) may be seen as harassment
  6. The person leaving the reference has clearly never interacted directly with the other member

If you've received a reference that falls under the above cases, you may contact the Safety Team directly through the Help section, found at the bottom of every page.

Reference issues are reviewed by Couchsurfing's Trust and Safety Team. This team is trained, objective, and neutral towards all parties involved in the situation. Keep in mind that our team is not able to declare information true or false, especially for offline interactions, but only act to the extent of enforcing these Reference Guidelines and our Terms of Use.

Please note that you can only report inappropriate references left on your own profile.