Vipassana meditation intro..

Organized by Gabor Csonka
Last time we had good gathering, 10 people attended, then we had good discussion.
so i do it again (1 hour later then usually). But this time I invited my friend who had beed 6 months retreat .. so he will introduce the technik.
I attended 5 times on 10-14 days retreats.. so i can explain and answer most of your questions.
I will make a short introduction about vipassana, then we sit 30-35 minute depending on the group.. then discuss if you have questions.
If you interested, join here. It is free.
If you want to share some snack or soft drink to have more home feeling you are welcome to bring anything.
my tel. 0670 201 3624
Szentkirályi str.
so come around 20h, we will drink tea, then I will start a short introduction of the technik at 21h. finishing around 22pm. Then questions time...
May all being be happy
or follow here