Weekly Meet Up Boston Couchsurfing Every Wed

Organized by MCJAZZIE
Location: Cambridge Brewing Company

Time: 9pm / 21:00

1 Kendall Square, Bldg 100 | Cambridge, MA 02139 | 617-494-1994



We are usually the large group of people standing near the bar. Ask a bartender if you are unsure, as the bartenders generally know who we are. PLEASE NOTE: There are two bars next to each other in this area: Tommy Doyle's, and CBC. Make sure you look for us in the right bar!

Surfers under 21 years of age are welcome, but for you under-21-year-olds from countries with lower drinking age limits: you probably won't get served alcohol. We don't like the laws here any more than you do! Sorry!

Please note, if you plan on arriving early (for dinner or otherwise), post here so others can find you easily.


The bartenders and waitresses here depend on tips, as their hourly wage is practically 3rd world. Try to give an additional 20% tip for what you spend, or alternatively, adding $1-2 per alcoholic drink ordered is also acceptable. We are aware not all foreign travelers are familiar with this custom here in the US. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tip#At_a_bar (more info)

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Hope to see you all there!