• Hey people!
    Is there anyone who wants to join me during a bus-tour to Philadelphia, DC and Niagara Falls from the 28th to the 30th of December (from NY - It can be done from the 26th to the 28th as well)?!
    I'm also going to be in town from the 23rd of December to the 6th of January if you wanna meet up/hang out/drink a coffee/go for a walk/have a chat/drink/laugh/etc etc. :D

    This sounds fantastic except I could only do it a month earlier!
    Hey Chloe, that's a pity. :(
    I'm really looking forward to finding a buddy to go with.
    Hi, I'll in NY from Dec 3 late to Dec 7 then will go NJ.
    Hi Zeinab,
    i don't understand. Are you interested in going or not? :)
    Depending on the schedule, I think I 'can' be interested :)

    I'll be in NY from 21st Dec to 7th of Jan.

    About a hang out in NY, I'm always cool during your stay!
    Hey, i send you a message with the details.
    Let's see if we can go through this. :)

    Cool about hanging out. We should definitely do it!
    I am in!!, I will be there from the start the 14th. Claudia send me the details. Gratze.

    Hello William,
    that's absolutely great. I send you the details. :)

    Could you send me the details too? Another couchsurfer and I might join you!

    Have a nice day,
    A friend of mine and I are going to be in NYC the same time. Send me the details please. We are visiting the area for the first time and we love to have a big group to explore it with :)
    Ok Mohammed,
    i've sent you the details. :)
    hi cluadia,
    i will be in new orleans and atlanta till december 22, will be great to go to
    phi, dc and niagara on your plans.
    i also have the dream to pass new year in new york .
    if i can join your group please give me the details please .
    i hope to have your reply.
    thanks a lot,
    have a nice sunday and week .
    arrivederci amici,
    Sure you can! :) Check your inbox.

    Ciao Serge!
    hi clau,
    i can go to the tour december 28 since i will traveling from atlanta to new york .
    i think will be a very exciting tour .
    i hope you wanna go on the same date . 28 .
    meanwhile you are in italy i am in messico and we can meet in new york , what a world .
    grazie segnorina.
    io aspeto la sua risposta,
    io aspeto parlare italiano e spagnolo con te .
    Hi Serge,
    yea. I would go from the 28th to the 30th of December so that i can be in New York for Christmas and New Year's Eve. :)
    Hiii Claudia

    I also will travel to New York from 24 to 05 Jannuary, couls you sent to me details for the 3 days trip please
    Hi Claudia!
    A friend of mine and I might be interested!
    Can you please forward the info?

    Hi Sofia&Amal,
    sure i can. One second. :)
    Hi Claudia,

    That sounds like a fantastic trip! I really wish I can join you guys. I am totally free after Christmas. If it's ok, plz tell me more details.
    hi claudia,
    i definitly go if we go the tour on dec 28,
    so count me in.
    So far there is a lot of people going!!! yes!!! We are going to have fun!!! :) See you there!!!
    Of course, Alexandre. :)
    Just a sec.
    I'll be in NY from Jan 4 to Jan 7 we can meet for a walk or dinner or join me in my tour.
    Ok Zeinab. I'll be in town until the 6th of January. We can stay in touch.
    Gunseli, it's 237x1, 132x2, 88x3 and 90x4.
    Ok beautiful people we are almost done. 4 persons so far. Claudia has to book the trip and we have to pay it. So if you love to have fun you should go,and if not just go anyway because you will have it.

    Guys I would love to join you. I just need 2 more people with me to share the package. Any more people interested Plz text me 703-622-1893
    Or email me ti_amo2000@hotmail.com

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.