• The Passetto is the most famous rocky beach of Ancona and also the name of an anconian district.

    (When I was a child I went there really often with my mom and Grand-pa eating at the “Grotte” of friends.)

    The “Grotte” are typical caves where in the past fishermen placed theyr boats, today the most of this caves have been changed to little privat cave rooms to enjoy the summer days, once you get on the rocky beach u will see a lot of those caves with theyr colorful gates facing the sea.

    The residential district is developed around the War Memorial, bordered by the sea and extends it’s area upon the hills of “Monte Pelago” and “Monte Santa Margherita”. The most amazing features of this district are it’s clifs on the south sea coast and it’s wonderful view form the park side.

    The neighborhood has its center in “Piazza IV Novembre”, the square of the War Memorial, around which are grouped the older buildings, built in the years around the Second World War. The main street “Viale della Vittoria” is a long tree-lined route in union with “Corso Garibaldi” that connects the south coast, starting at ”Piazza IV Novembre” to the north coast of the city ending at the harbor, an easy walking path to relax in the city. On this road in the late afternoons You can often find people jogging or walking in the weekday and on Saturday and Sundays from morning till evening.

    The main monument “Monumento del Passetto” is in honor and memory of the fallen in the First World War, built with white Istrian stones and surrounded by a pine park “Pineta del Passetto”. The “Pineta” is the main meeting place in summer for families and youngers, very busy and not only by local residents. From the monument a grand staircase leads to the sea. Both (monument and stairs) are Architectural works of Guido Cirilli. You can reach the sea also by a panoramic elevator, that has a beautiful view of the sea, the Mount Conero and the coast . Mount Conero.. we will speak about it in a further post… Good to know is that “Mount Conero” is a great destination for hikers, bike and horse riders.

    Suggestion: take your time in an early morning when the sky is still dark to get down to the Passetto Rocky beach… breath the morning breeze and wait for the most amazing view of Ancona… when first rays of light will reach you and the Sun will rise from the horizzon, you will feel that unique energy that gives sence to life. J&G
    Text from the painting: "Passetto Sunrise" - By Julia - on: 25canvases.wordpress.com
    Best companions: cup of tea and a blanket to sit on. Even if in a few hours the air will be thick and hot in all of its summer glory, the first couple of hours of light are still refreshing. Watching a couple of fishermen sail off into the glowing horizon, an old lady or two wade along the shore, and a variety of birds swopping up and down, it’s hard to imagine a better way to start another day.

    Useful informations:
    - Connections: The area of Passetto is well connected to the city center by bus (line 1/4) and three bus lines (right circular, left circular, 91), all having theyr departure from “Piazza IV Novembre”, there is also bus line 92 leading to Pietralacroce.
    - Services: The post office is located in “via Maratta”, in the Adriatic Area.

    ~ Text written By Gregory Rossi ~ [my english is poor... I'll improve ASAP the text and add some more personal details, why you should visit this place]

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