• Hi all,
    So I will be back in Montreal for Christmas, yay~~~ But unfortunately, since my family will not be in town, I will be a "Christmas orphan".

    I'm just wondering if there are any other Christmas orphans out there like me? If so, we could celebrate together, I guess? Or, we could find an "adoption agency"? ;) let me know!

    Stay warm,
    someone cannot wait for Xmas, lol!

    are you missing cold and snow that much in your tropical inferno? ;)
    Hi Fan,

    I'm a Xmas Orphan like you. That's why this year I will spend that day with friends. Nothing is currently organised but I guess we will make a potluck and eat all together, gather and enjoy that lovely moment.
    You could join us if you want that sort of evening.
    Feel free to contact me,
    Last year I made a new year event potluck for orphans like us. Maybe we could make that all together for next Xmas?
    I don't know yet what I'll be doing but I am not too worried, lots of people are Christmas orphans, we will finf something nice to do ;-)
    Haha looks like I'm not alone :)
    So maybe let's do a head count here?

    And another thing is that do you guys think it would be possible to organize another free hugs here in Montreal during Christmas?


    BTW, happy thanksgiving from Guatemala!
    I'll definitely see you when I'm back in town!
    Lots of hugs,
    I'll be pretty much in the same situation.

    I'd like to be let known if anything comes up.
    So my flight will land in Toronto on Dec. 23rd and I'm gonna hitchhike to Montreal on the same day. So hopefully before then we will have a concrete plan for "adoption" so I'll know where to go! ;)

    Tania, I think we met before, very very briefly, on our way to the mermaid perade this year. But we did not have a chance to talk :(
    Ok, so let's organise a big Christmas potluck. I can host it if we're less than 15.
    Adoption agency could be my place but for the moment I cannot host. Maybe i will be equiped in a bit.
    Welcome folks!
    Hey Guys,

    I will be in Montreal during December of this year and January of next. So, I too will be a Christmas orphan and would love to join you guys.

    Please keep me informed of the potluck or whatever is planned for christmas.

    I'll probably be with some friends but I'm sure we could manage something all together.
    You're welcome Leah, I need to know how many poeple will be there to organise at my place. If we're too many, we have to be hosted somewhere else.
    I'll stay in Montreal for Christmas and New Year too so possible that i will be an orphan :) But my gf will be there too, so we will either do something private for 2 or participating in something couchsurfers will organise, as couchsurfers became my family this year in Montreal.

    So interested at 80% :)
    Im not an orphan, but can I help you guys to organize the event? It will be mine pleasure.

    Hi Guillermo, it would be a pleasure to have you in our team. I will maybe have the restaurant where I work to let you express your skills.
    Thank you Fanny, if this event become really big we could need some fellows ;)
    For now, let's choose a date.
    Count me in, if you'll have me!

    I'm going home for the week before xmas, but I'll be back for xmas day. I'm up for whatever is happening, be it a potluck or just a table full of wine ;)
    Hello! Je reviens vers vous avec de bonnes nouvelles.
    Mon patron me prête le resto le 27 décembre, pour y faire le potluck des orphelins de Noël.

    Nous avons donc accès à une grande salle, une cuisine pour les courageux, et une piste de danse/karaoké/podium pour laisser aller toutes nos inspirations.

    Donc, les gens déjà intéressés, amenez à manger et à boire, quelque chose de chez vous.

    Nous utiliserons de la vaisselle en plastique pour ne pas prendre la chance de casser mes outils de travail. Je ne pense pas que nous aurons accès aux drinks, même en les payant. A voir.

    S'il vous plait respect et précautions, c'est ma deuxième maison, j'aimerais qu'elle reste propre et intacte (bon on va sûrement en renverser partout mais on nettoiera tous ensemble).

    Cela se passe à quelques minutes du métro Beaubien, je préciserais l'adresse aux gens qui me le demanderont, pour filtrer et ne pas me retrouver avec 200 personnes sur les bras.
    A très vite!
    Hello! I come back to you with good news.

    My boss lets me the restaurant on December 27, to make the Christmas orphans' potluck.

    We have access to a large room, a kitchen for braves, and a dancefloor / karaoke / podium to let go of all our inspirations.

    So, people already interested in, bring something to eat and drink from your place.

    We will use plastic dishes to not take the chance of breaking my tools. I don't think if we'll have access to drinks, even paying them. A view.

    Please respect and care, this is my second home, I would keep it clean and intact (well, we will surely spill everywhere but we'll clean all together).

    This happens few minutes from the Beaubien station, I would point out the address to people who ask me to filter and not to end up with 200 people.
    Hope to see you soon!
    C'est notre premier Noël à Montréal et sans la famille à mon copain et moi. Le potluck est encore d'actualité? On aimerait bien connaître les super couchsurfers montréalais. :)

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