• Hi,

    I just moved to Paris (19eme) and I am looking for a place to play badminton, and also for people to play with!
    Any tips and/or people interested?

    Thank you both for your reply and for all this information!

    The club looks a little expensive though, I will continue to search for courts that we could just rent for one or two hours sometimes. I will let you know when I find something!

    I'm interested too, so put me on the list of contacts in case of badminton!
    Great Jonas!

    I found two places :

    - Lagardère Paris Racing
    It's on Eblé road in 7ème

    - Forest Hill http://www.forest-hill.fr/index.asp#fr/view/activites/sportraquettes/SportRaquettes/badminton
    either at Ivry sur Seine or la défense

    Despite its location, Forest Hill seems better because we can play in the evening and it's only 6 € a court instead of 18 € for the first one.

    What do you think? Would you like to try??

    ello people. i am searching for someone to play as well. could i join?
    That's great you are all interested!

    Personnally I would prefer to play in the evening, at 7pm or after, depending on you guys. And for next week, I am free wednesday, Tuesday and Friday.

    What about you? Steven, Etienne, Jonas, Nabhan and Barbora??

    See you!
    I'd love to play too! If there is still room...
    Next week I can do Mon, Tue or Wed evening from 7pm too.

    Let me know guys!

    hi there, i m interrested too, can i joun you?
    hello, any place with you?
    I think racqyets is from the club, we can find them there :)
    its nice for wednesday at 7 pm; i m agree :)
    Hello all!

    I will call tomorrow morning and make the reservation, I'll let you know.
    The only thing is we cannot be more than 4 people, otherwise we don't play!
    For wednesday, there is Nabhan, Imed, Nerina, Cynthia.
    @ Etienne, Barbora, Gaston : Would you like also to come this wednesday?
    If we are 8, then we can rent 2 courts.

    Enjoy your sunday!

    @Steven: Ok, if you happen to know any another place, let us know!

    @Gaston: What is the club you know near republic? can we also rent courts there?

    @Max: Which day are you free? Next time we could go another day :)
    I'm interested too. I used to play in a place in Montreuil


    It's the cheapest I found and it's great. You can also play squash and tennis there.
    If you decide to organize something in the coming days, I'll be happy to join anywhere it is.
    dont worry cinthya, me too i dont know playing it, but it will be very nice experience, i would like it ^^
    see you
    Yes, you're right. I paid very cheap when I went there as I was playing with someone member and from Montreuil.
    Sorry for the wrong information. Just checked now and you're right...
    I will go where you all decide to go

    So I called the club in Nanterre. It's actually not La Défense, it's Cityform, which is better because it's very close to RER station Nanterre Prefecture. If we were to go to the club in Ivry, we would need to take the bus, it's long and not convenient..!

    BUT, I haven't booked yet because everybody actually needs to be a member to play. The membership card is 25€ per year.

    So, I wouldn't mind to pay because I'd like to go play regularly, with some people who like to be competitive :) I am not a very good player but I like to play with speed and be really exhausted after one hour game!

    Somebody would be interested? By the way, I could also play in the mornings, the courts in the evening are quickly booked apparently..! Let me know what you think!
    Hi there,

    Badminton is not squash but cousin :) So if anyone is up for Squash next week : http://www.couchsurfing.org/group_read.html?gid=199&post=13648870
    Im actually also interested in playing Badminton and if there is any place around the 19eme around Canal St.Martin, la Rotonde, or Buttes Chaumont Park, that would be ideal.
    @ Mickael : That would be perfect, I live next to metro Laumière! Are you going this Thursday? Maybe I'll join you!
    So , we need to be members, else we can not paly, right?
    Des gens qui jouent en club ici ? Suis D3.
    I'm also interested in playing with you but I'm free only during week-ends.

    At the moment, I play at Lagardere Racing because I didn't find any other court close to my place but it's really expensive.
    There's also a place in Creteil but I don't know if you need to suscribe. I'm asking for informations.

    Anyone can rent a court. It's only 11 € per hour for one court after 7 PM and during week-ends.
    Besides, the center is close to "Creteil-L'Echat" station on line 8.
    Le centre Marie-Thèrèse Eyquem (CMTE)
    6, rue Thomas Edison
    Hey guys,

    Sorry for not replying earlier I have a problem with my accounts the posts do not reach my mailbox anymore..
    Anyway, for tonight nothing is booked because I was waiting for the confirmation that some of you were willing to pay for the annual membership.
    What I am going to do is to check the club in rue Tandou (19eme) tomorrow, suggested by Mickaël and see how it is. I'll let you know. Otherwise, Nanterre or Creteil would be fine.
    @ Nabhan : Great! it's at 6pm

    Hi again !

    @everybody : It seems indeed to be complicated to book a court as we all live in different places with different schedules/avaibilities.

    So far I'm available to go to Nanterre/Laumiere but Ivry is a bit far from where I live. My level and interest are the same as Stephane's as I love sport too in general.

    I'm not working next week so I'll be free during the day but today or tomorrow I'm only free from 6pm (not 7 as I said earlier).

    @ Cosima : I got the same problem with last posts (I didn't get them). I'm free tonight from 6 if the gymnasium rue Taudou is available I'd like to join. Here is my number (can you text me cause it'll be easier) : 06 63 24 29 90

    I could finally reach them and it's school holidays now so it's not open until next week, sorry Nabhan! We will make it one day :)
    @Nabhan : Sorry you didn't notice the message in time, next time, it would be better to exchange numbers!

    I suggest that EVERYBODY who wants to play in NANTERRE NEXT WEEK (and who are ready to pay 25€) leave a message with their availabilities for next week. I will book on Monday morning.
    @ Nabhan, thanks for the info.
    I can play in the morning, when it's not peak hours, e.g. at 11am.
    For the rackets, it's better to buy one at Go sport or Decathlon, the cheapest are around 10 €
    Great Max!
    If we are 3, I guess we can book, Nabhan you are also free on Monday morning?
    Anybody else to make it to 4 people?
    The price will be :
    - 25 € per person for the membership (you pay once and you can access the club all year)
    - 10€ for the court divided into 4, so 2,50 € per person
    - If you need a racket, add 4€
    Hi, I have to leave Paris tomorrow, and I don't know yet when I'm coming back, probably not before a few months, so the Badminton will be without me..I hope you will get to organize something!
    there a place not far from la defense where you can play badminton every day and other activities for 120 per year. but if your a student you could have it half price you just need :un certificat dedical (i don't know it english sorry ) and a student ID for the reduction.
    Les amateurs de cette discipline vont apprécier ...;)))

    ça ne se joue pas avec 2 balles mais avec des cocks et plus précisément des shuttlecocks ;)))
    de plus ça donne une adresse plus proche de Paris

    Même remarque que Max Payne.
    Je n'aurai pas été informé de la sortie donc merci à Ricky.

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