• Hej I will be in Barcelona from 3rd, Feb to the 7th,Feb. As this is my first time in Barcelona I would really appearciate for some insight tips about the beautiful city, like secret and kick ass places.
    especially activities where you dont have to be drunk or know spanish to enjoy. Like nearby villages with heavy catalonia culture would be very interesting.
    Moreove I'm guessing flamingo is the most famouse dance in Barcelona (I've been to the southern spain, it is famouse there, dont hate me if Im wrong), anyone know where I can enjoy a nice flamingo show with fair price?
    thanks alot!! grancis!
    Happy new year
    HAHAHA will post again one month later then
    There are some very good flamingo shows in Barcelona but, for your information, the most popular dance in Barcelona is called Sardana, which is the typical Catalan dance. Flamingo is Spanish. Even though we are still in the same political country, culture is very different beyond borders and it's a shame most tourists don't know that (it's comprehensible though).
    Aha! Sorry for the misunderstanding! I actually fully aware of the catalunia vs spanish culture differences, as one of my friend is from Catalunia.
    what Im aiming for is the catalunia culture, Sardana sounds great, do you have any suggestions where I can watch a true sardana performance.
    Btw, just remebered this beautiful spanish guitar in Woody Allen;s movie(Vicky, christina barcelona), any idea of where one can enjoy a perform of that? (P.S I hope spanish guitar is catalunia thing, as the movie took place in 'Barcelone', dont hate me if I get this wrong, it will be Woody Allens fault!)
    Thanks! :)
    Hahaa don't worry, i dont know anything about Swedish guitars.
    Actually In Catalonia we play the Spanish guitar, WA wasn't totally wrong. But I think they play Spanish music, remember the artist's father is from Oviedo, which is in deep Spain. i don't really know where to watch such a show, but I'm sure there are places. I'll get back in touch to you when I find it :)
    hi!! if you need something for barcelona tell me !! kisses !!
    yes please, that will be really great!!! btw can you please send message to me instead of writing here? its so active here, impossible to find the conversation. Gracias!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Hey, I'm sorry if I sounded drastic, I wanted to say that it's not the same culture, just it. As Andalucía and Euskadi have different ones, or Bavaria (Germany) has a very different culture from the rest of Germany (or so I've been told).
    No offense, please.
    I have very good Spanish friends.
    sightseeing running, the best, hehhhe

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