• Hello.. does anyone want to go snowboarding for the day in January? La Molina do a 45 euro train and ski pass
    Hi Nadia,

    I never try snowboarding or skiing before. Would love to try. Is the price you mentioned above include the rental of the equipment?

    btw, i'm arriving in barcelona on 6th till 10th January.
    Hi Nadia!

    I am up for skiing this weekend in La Molina for one day or in Andorra for the weekend.
    Lets gooooooo:)))
    Yash and Johnny... i work during the week so cannot make those dates unfortunately!

    Thanks for the tip Xavier.. Andorra sounds awesome. I would come with you but I don't get back from the UK until Saturday. Let me know next time you go!

    Tsvetomira.. i don't get back to Barcelona till Saturday, but maybe we can get a few people together and go weekend of 12th / 13th January?
    I will be going for a day of snowboarding in January most likely in a Sunday. I will be driving. Let you know when I am going in case you want to join.
    Sounds great Joao! Yeah let me know :)
    Hey everybody ! I'd love to join y'all - I love snowboarding and have my own gear. Let's go rip it up !!
    Guys I´m going definetely this Sunday for one day in La Molina.If somebody want to join me is welcome:)

    I am going by train ot by bus.The price is 44 euro.


    Nadia I can´t make it next weekend...I´m going to ski in Vall-d-aran.See the event here and if u want u can join as well:

    But any weekend we can orginize smth for Andorra:)
    Ah great that sounds good. Do you ski or board tsvety?

    I want to board, but I have not been or about seven years!
    Nadia I am skier...:)
    I think never mind you haven´t been on the slopes 7 years.The most important is to enjoy it:)

    Hope to see you soon:)
    Cool.. Well if I am feeling brave I will join you on Sunday :)
    I would like to go this weekend to La Molina, Vall de Nuria, or wherever people are going, either skiing or boarding. Anyone want to leave tomorrow (Saturday) and come back on Sunday? The train ticket is a very good deal and lodging is cheap for 1 night. Tsvetomira, are you going for just 1 day?
    my number is 634 821 761
    I am definitely up for going this Sunday. Oh yeah !
    I want to go! How will be it?
    Hey Ben.. Do you ski or board?
    There is a train Caroline... That combines the ski pass also. We should leave bcn very early on Sunday!
    I like both, but have my own snowboard, so I will be boarding I guess.
    Ok guys the plan for tomorrow:

    The train leave at 06.08 from Sants, 06.13 from Plaza Catalunya and 6.15 Arc de Triumpf. Here is the timetable:

    The price is 44 euro: ski pass plus return ticket for the train.

    I am going to catch the train at 6.15 am from Arc de Triupmf.If somebody want to meet me there at 6 am in front of the cash desk/machines.If you prefer to catch the train from Sants or Catalunya we will meet inside the train ...let say last vagon of the train.

    The weather is great!

    Take a food, drinks, good mood and lets enjoy the mountain.

    My number is 633 680 394

    Who is up?
    Awesome ! Thanks so much for organising it.

    I live quite close to Plaza Catalunya, so I think I'll catch the train from there and join you in the last wagon.

    I've never done a ski day-trip before - do we have to go with all our ski clothes already on or is there anywhere to leave a bag and change there ?

    My number is 6227 207 70

    Yeah !!
    Actually, I'll meet you at Arc de Triomphe by the ticket machines at 6, as I have to take the metro anyway. How many are we ?

    Well, better go dust off my snowboard...
    Benjamin we are going directly to the ski slopes, so better come with your ski clothes.

    See you tomorrow at 6 am at Arc de Triumpf:)))

    Are you going to buy your ticket at the train station?

    I think I will come! Apologies in advance for probably rolling down the mountain a lot!
    Yes Nadia we´ll by the tickets from the station.We need to be on time...6 am...very early but it´s worth!

    See you tomorrow...:)
    great well im going to get on at Sants station.. so I will buy my ticket from there and see you guys on the train in the last carriage.

    618 697 671 is my number

    cu tomorrow! x
    I Want! In wednesday with bus the price is 35€ in La Molina :D
    I've just read these thread now.. I would like to ski (board)... I didn't been on snow yet this season. If you want to make something similar other day I'll be glad if u say me something!

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