• Hola! My girlfriend & I are travelling to Spain from NZ in late March & April, probably coming from France.

    We are looking for a place to stay, or even some good recommendations for a hostel. We both speak English, but I can understand/speak a little spanish. We are adventurous & would love to get into the local culture, rather than just see the tourist spots. We are both graphic/digital designers, so someone with this sort of background would also be great to connect with!

    Who knows, if we love it enough, we may stay longer than anticipated! :)
    P.s NZ means New Zealand - we are both originally from New Zealand :)
    Hello, I read your letter and I was very interested in the subject of which you dedicate to your research creativity and interaction with people from the city.

    I come, my name is Miguel Angel and I live in the north of Barcelona, in the district of Horta. This area is very quiet, close to the mountain and some hostels for young people, with apartments to share and common areas, leaving well priced and are very comfortable, communication with the rest of the city is easy thanks to the bus and the subway, I will spend a couple of addresses in case you want to ask.
    Chapi Street, 85, 08032, BCN

    Hedilla Street, 58, 08032, BCN

    I am dedicated to interior design and the world of posters and now I'm organizing a series of events to bring together creative people who want to share their work with others and their art.

    I am also tour guide for the city, not licensed, but with a great knowledge of all the NON tourist spots of Barcelona.

    It would be a pleasure to contact you when you come in March.
    i'd have some contacts of loquo website and some hostels visited before coz my search before..but dunno if they still moving out or not moving in the future
    Hey Guys,

    Fellow Kiwi here, I've spent the last 2 NZ winters living in Barca.... I'm back home now but there is a possibility I will be returning in April but not sure. As for hostels I spent my first ever month in Barca living in a hostel called Sant Jordi's Amazing.... all the guys that work there are super friendly.... they do have 6 hostels in varying areas to suit different types (so you wouldn't necessarily have to stay in Sant Jordi Alberg, which is a bit of a party hostel).
    But anyway you could keep in touch if you like as I may be in the area around the same time, although being Kiwi I may not be giving you the full Spanish experience you would like haha.

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.