• Hola,
    Si usted ha estado lejos de sus seres queridos en un día especial podrán comprender mi dolor.

    Tengo una petición pequeñas

    Soy un chico de venta ambulante en la India y en los últimos dos días de San Valentín y cumpleaños que he estado lejos de mi amor.

    My Girl (su nombre es Amruta) celebra su cumpleaños el 18 de febrero y esta vez quiero hacer las paces con ella mediante la grabación de un video de diferentes personas que desean feliz cumpleaños (tal vez cantando la canción de cumpleaños feliz - tal vez acaba de decir)

    Mi visión es que voy a tener personas de diferentes culturas, países y habla diferentes idiomas y acentos que desean en su cumpleaños. sería realmente hacer su día, y tal vez de alguna manera, el tuyo también.

    Le agradecería si usted puede grabar un deseo en su lengua materna. Si usted puede hacer frente a una atracción turística memorable, o lugar - incluso mejor.
    Usted puede enviar el vídeo a mí por correo electrónico o subirlo a youtube o cualquier cosa que encuentre fácil simplemente responda a este post voy a llegar a ti.

    Un editor de vídeo profesional se ha comprometido a editar mi video para mí. Yo personalmente las gracias a todos en mi sitio web, donde puedo subir mi video ..

    Por favor, trate de enviar sus vídeos antes del 14 febrero de 2013. (Día de San Valentín). Necesitamos un poco de tiempo para modificarlas.

    Gracias por leer. Dios los bendiga a todos. Que nunca estar lejos de su ser querido en el día de San Valentín o en su su / cumpleaños.

    If you have been away from your loved ones on a special day you probably understand my pain.

    I have a small request-

    I am a travelling sales guy from India and for the past two Valentine's days and birthdays I have been away from my love.

    My Girl (her name is Amruta) celebrates her birthday on 18th February and this time I want to make it up to her by recording a video of different people wishing her happy birthday ( maybe singing the happy birthday song - maybe just saying it)

    My vision is that I will have people from different cultures, countries and speaking different languages and accents wishing her on her birthday. it would really make her day, and maybe in some ways, yours too.

    I would appreciate if you can record a wish in your mother-tongue. If you can do it in front of a memorable tourist attraction, or place - even better.
    You can send the video to me by email or upload it on youtube or anything you find easy just respond to this post- i will reach out to you.

    A professional video editor has agreed to edit my video for me. I will personally thank everyone on my website, where i upload my video..

    Please try to send your videos by 14th February 2013. ( Valentine's day). We need some time to edit them.

    Thanks for reading. God Bless you all. May you never be away from your loved one on Valentine's day or on your/their birthday.
    Hey Man, this is Couch Surfing, not the TV
    Yes, Joe.

    I know this is not the ideal place for this kind of request.

    i just wanted some help to fulfill this crazy idea of mine. I have met several people from different cultures and backgrounds through couchsurfing. I wanted to have one video of different people wishing my girlfriend on her birthday and I thought people on Couchsurfing are open-minded enough to listen to me.

    If you have been offended by my request. i apologize.

    If you would like to help out - just make a video of yourself or someone from your city saying "Happy Birthday amruta from Barcelona, Spain " ( you can speak in any language you want)

    It will only take a few seconds and will help in making someone's day.

    Here is what a few friends from Delhi did -

    Best Wishes

    This is soooo romantic!

    Thank you.
    I still don't have a video from Spain. Would you be willing to help out?

    Thanks in advance.
    nope, sorry, i was not offended..hope u also werent..was just my opinion!! good luck with ur request!!!

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