• Hy everyone I'm 25 years old Romanian and ! I'm looking for people of any kind with who I can spend afternoons or weekends playing some tennis table. I have some skills and I would like to practice it. Rain stopped and good hot weather is comming so I think we can make use of the many public parks there are such as near Plaça España (there is a nice park called Joan Miró near Tarragona metro station) or at the end of Paralel street at the Port there are 5 more tables, or Sants Estació has also a park with table tennis, and many other places,etc
    So who is going to want to give it a try after a cold winter without many outdoor sports ? Greetings to everyone !
    i used 2 play, but now i don't have racket if u have an extra racket lets play some game :)
    I am in this weekend, can make it Saturday (after 3pm) or better Sunday afternoon...if we are more people the best place will be tables at Carrer Portal de Santa Madrona (close to the end of Parallel street mentioned above), tables at Joan Miro are also ok, most of the tables in the Park Industrial close to Sants are not in great conditions...
    Another option is Decathlon Forum where you can play inside for free, but this only on Saturday because they are closen on Sunday
    I also have a spare racket
    i will be in BCN from 15th to 24th of march, we can play table tennis :)
    Great, so to play as soon as possible we can meet this saturday afternoon where Kajman said, Carrer Portal de Santa Madrona, there are 5 tables there, I have a spare racket too; Maybe you can meet us too aryabhatta Gorain?
    So Kajman, saturday afternoon we can meet there at about 4 pm, later it's going to be dark.
    If anyone else wants to join feel free to come !!
    Later we can make other arrangements for other days to meet also :P
    I´m in! I´m going to Ciutadella park this weekend, there are couple of ping pong tables over there too and it looks like the weather will be lovely!
    everybody is welcome to come my home to play T.T game. living in pl.cat
    Ciutadella tables are usually very crowded and some of them are not in best conditions...
    I already agreed with Alberto to meet on Saturday at 4 PM at the tables Carrer Portal de Santa Madrona.
    Because of the wind we can also take the offer from jou...
    once we are there ( Carrer Portal with 5 tables ) we can see what other options we can take if it's not ok. At ciutadella there are about 5 tables too but it's always crowded and people waiting to play in line.
    no problem, good weather is coming and we will meet many times I hope :P

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.