• I didn't spam a CS group page, nor did I send lots of copy/paste unpersonalized messages. My boyfriend and I *literally* sent out over thirty highly-personalized requests three, two, then one week before our arrival to BCN. We received only ONE positive response (from a nice couple outside of the city). It's very discouraging and I hope that couchsurfing hosts aren't getting jaded. I think it's important to remember that hosts and surfers alike are here to help each other, not criticize whether a request or profile meets every single one of another person's rules.
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    Couchsurfing is such a big community that we must accept that there is formed by many different people with different ideas, different purposes, who understand the project in a different way and with a different spirit. I think that's good.
    It's not a contract and everyone is free to ask for a couch in a different way and to reject requests for varied reasons.
    Obviously, the main pa
    ge and copy-paste messages and using the mmain page are not the best way but it is not such a serious fault because actually people who do that are trying to find a host.
    Sometimes I feel that we all are very demanding: we get angry if we don't find a host, we get angry if someone sends us a request that we don't like...
    We should be more free and let things flow.
    This is not a contract. Nobody is forced to anything.
    I do prefer personalised requests but from a copy paste message can arise a great experience too. Or not. It is a matter of luck.
    It seems sometimes as if you could only contact your twin soul.
    Anyway, a plan b is always necessary and accept that things are not always as you would like
    We could talk a lot about groups, etc. That's another big subject...

    I agree with you that there are ways to ask for a couch. No doubts about that.
    And nobody is stuck with nothing, even the main page.
    What's the purpose of the main page in fact?
    Actually, I think that this kind of discussion is very good and very appropiate here.
    We all have different points of view, that's rich.
    Hugs to everyone!
    Well, is it posible that because of the crisis people from Barcelona are not taking any couchsurfers?? cuz I have been sending a lots of requests too and no answers...
    Now.or.Never, nobody is criticizing your ideas (at least, not me). Actually I think you are trying to change the look of the main page in a very positive way.
    It is a different thing that maybe I have another point of view.
    And aren't we engaged in a conversation?

    Referring to Maria Paz's post, I think the economical situation must be a reason: two many expenses and two many people trying to travel in a cheaper way. Who knows? There probably are many factors...

    You don't need to convince me. I just disagree with some agressive attitudes.
    I think that there are different ways to request a couch and we all should use them and not the main page.
    I also think that if someone sent 50 requests and got no positive answer, he/she should look for another way to find a place (hostel, etc.) instead of complaining. But it is just my opinion. Not a rule.
    About the groups, I disagree in some points. But this is a detail.
    Maybe we should have such long conversations every time someone sends a couch request in the main page. I am sure that this would discourage them. :)
    Mr. M,

    I totaly agree with you, specially because Xavi Tarafa comments feel very agressive and criticizing. I do use this site often and I have met lot of people and actually made really good friends but I don´t feel confortable with the design of the website because I actually never can find my friends and make references, but I have always been very lucky and I have met great people, I am very outgoing and is difficult for me not to like someone unless this people make comments about me on supositions as you do, and I don´t have much information in my profile because I hate talking about myself so I prefer pictures instead and a very honest couch request that as you are actually right I always say straight away that I need a place to crash and also company for go arround drinks and fun, and most of the time I get my request accepted even if people cannot really hung out for that long with me. So I think you are whrong; as there are many diferent people in this site with diferent cocuh intentions there are also lot of diferent Hosts that would actally be fine just helping you with just crushing in their couches. So my advice, TOLERANCE with all different ways people are.

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