• Cosy roofs with nice view of the city are wanted.
    I want to see how Berlin looks from the bird's-eye view :) .
    The roof that I'm looking for shouldn't be somewhere in the suburb and shouldn't be too dangerous. And please, don't be afraid to share address with me. I'm a reliable, conscious and cautious person, you can trust me. I'm not gonna break the low, make a mess and noise there. And, of course, I'm not gonna perform a suicide, hah. :)
    If you have some information about it. share it, please, by private message. But please, don't post it here because of dangerous reasons that were mentioned before. This is the public topic and you never know who read it.

    Hope for your help, dear residents and Berlin lovers. :)
    Even so! Sounds great! Thank you! :)
    not all of them are useful: for example afair Berlin cathedral does not have an observation platform.
    If you wanna see roofs i would not go to Grunewald tower, Müggelturm, Teufelsberg
    wow! huge thanks for tips!! :)
    And what about not public places?
    Not public places - that was the reason of this post. I just forgot to mention it. That's why I told about the matters of cautious.
    Stefan, you're right with the cathedral (i did not know but interesting...)

    On the other hand, I would also agree with Wiegald- we just simply asking you because we got so many unnecessary notifications via email
    "angry"? "self-proclaimed"? "play" - where? You don't know anything about me, probably not a lot about the others either, but you write any assumptions about my/their life? Apparantly, because you don't accept that someone asks you something?!! Unbelievable!!! If asking is forbidden in your world, i am sorry but that's common behaviour when people interact.

    If you have a (personal) problem, please send a PM and don't bother others. The consequence would be that people consider if they should write sth. because maybe only admins can ask or say their opinions but that's not true!! There are no restrictions, as long as you react respectfully
    Hey everyone! Your tips were really helpful. We are in Berlin already, and this city is awesome!
    Stefan, thank you for information!
    Volkspark Friedrichshain - we've been there. But it's not really panorama stuff. But park is cute.
    Couple of other stuffs were really cool!
    Thank you, guys!! :)
    I didnt bother to go through all 50 but teufelsberg area has a nice skyline view too..night or day..your choice :)
    You should check out the the hotel park inn at the alexanderplatz. from 3 to 6pm you can go on top of the building for 3 bucks or something and you have a really nice view from there. Or you just go to the teufelsberg.

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.