• Hey All! I just booked myself on a trip to Berlin after New Years, we are both very excited about the trip and do not require a couch. I just wanted to reach out to acquire some local knowledge on some good bars, clubs, restaurants, gigs, sights, etc.

    We are two 27 year olds, one working in luxury travel the other in finance. We are staying in hotel as we very much want to relax and do our own thing, although it would be ever so kind if you could send us some tips, we are also up for meeting some locals and I am more than happy to host in London if you need! We both understand Berlin is quite casual, but we still like to go to the nice places... :)

    Look forward to some responses. Danke Schon!!!

    Hi Anna - berlin door policy is random, to overcome the randomness, here are two nice places that you can book a table for dinner at the restuarant and later move to their bar/club area. Both are in Mitte area:
    - Restuarant Cantina in Tausend Bar - very good sushi
    - Cookies Cream restuarant in Cookies Club - gourmet vegeterean, club is open tue and thu and some saturdays. If you bok 2-3 days in advance normally you get a table at the time you want.
    My fav bar in mitte is Neue Odessa bar in Torstr. 89. Beautiful crowd and strong cocktails.
    Enjoy Berlin.
    Hi ali thanks a lot for the tips! What do you think of the location of this hotel? Not sure if there are any better hotels in the city that are less corporate and charming without being tacky? http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g187323-d1485637-Reviews-Adina_Apartment_Hotel_Berlin_Hauptbahnhof-Berlin.html#REVIEWS

    Pablo que tal?! Gracias por tu respuesta, estaria super quedar por ahi, llegamos el Jueves y nos vamos el Domingo. Tienes algunos tips que nos puedas dar por el momento para investigarlo??? No se cuanto tiempo llevas viviendo en Berlin, pero me imagino que te conoces la ciudad relativamente bien? Saludos!!!

    Thanks a lot for the messages, although I'm not sure how useful these are! Tinka, the miniloft hotel looks splendid I am checking this against the option we've been considering at the other hotel (Adina) it does seem more comfortable and Miniloft more designer chic and less hotelish. Is the Adina hotel in a bad location?

    I woudn't want to stay in a place like leicester sq in London, something not too residential, something not too touristy either!

    I think after new year we can save the drinking for Thursday night dinner or Friday night wiggle! ;)

    Regarding the advise, I wasn't very specific but open to see museums, try out clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, shops.....

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