• Hi I'm Lauren from Los Angeles, I'm going to Berlin for the first time in September and I don't know anyone there. I don't need to couch surf as I am booking a hotel, but I do need friends. What is a good area to get a hotel in? I heard Kreuzberg is cool but I am not familiar with Berlin neighborhoods. If anyone would like to hang out with me, show me the city and recommend a cool area to stay I would be so grateful! Thanks and have a great day :)
    Hey Lauren,

    if you want to be in a area where you can find a lot of interessting partypeople und alternative people go to Kreuzberg. It's really nice for that. But it's not the safest place. If you wanna go close to a lot of citytourthings like the Brandenburger Tor, stay in Mitte. It is hard to say stay there or there, because Berlin has a good public transportation system, so you can go everywhere in sort time. so Mitte, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Charlottenburg, Schöneberg and Friedrichshain are the best places.

    If you have more questions just ask. Hope I can help you a liitle bit.

    Damnit late for work, cyu
    Hi Enrico, thanks for answering! I will send you a message :)

    - Lauren
    hey lauren. how about exchanging insider-berlin-tips for studying-in-hawaii-tips? haha I read at your profile that you have been studying there...Oh and I#m a berliner. :)
    Hi Marlene! Well if you want to study in Hawaii it's very easy, the website to apply is hawaii.edu. The main campus in Honolulu is called University of Hawaii at Manoa and is big and beautiful, and the city of Honolulu is fun with nice beaches and good city life. If you want a quiet, small town, University of Hawaii at Hilo on the Big Island has a lot of rain and jungle, and more house parties than clubs or bars. If you prefer more sunshine and big cities then Manoa is better, but if you like to get away and explore more rugged outdoor places then the Hilo campus would be good. As long as your grades are okay you should probably get in :) I went to school with several people from Europe and they enjoyed Hawaii quite a bit.

    Now... my question for you :) where should I stay in Berlin? I was looking at Mitte/Tiergarten area but I saw a good deal on the nhow berlin hotel in Friedrichshain and wasn't sure if that was a good place to stay or too far away. What are the best places for hotels in Berlin?
    Wow. How about checking your attitude? No one else seems to have a problem with recommending areas of Berlin for me to stay in, and many people have offered to hang out with me and show me the city. Plus, you don't seem to be offering me a place to stay or offering to hang out, just trolling. Or am I mistaken? I might use CS to stay with someone in another country and I'm already staying with friends in 2 other countries, not that it is any of your business, but maybe when I arrive from LA I just want to go to a nice hotel?

    Some people are strange...
    Helene I wrote you a private message :) Thank you
    Forget the nHow, it's so expensive... Find a hostel in Friedrichshain, if you like partying ;)
    Do not hesitate to PM me if you need any information.
    Greetings from New York, where I landed today,
    I'm from America as well. I'm from Los Angeles maybe we can go to a cafe or something it's hard meeting others americans in Berlin and communicating with other.
    kreuzberg hell no :D i could u help a bit , for how long are u staying ?

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