• How can you learn a new language - that you must know - when you don't have time and money for that? Any tips?
    in my opinion tim ferris has some good advices in learning a language fast
    I had this problem when I wanted very badly to learn Croatian, and I didn't have any time for that, nor money. I felt desperate and that my life had no direction. But a wild stroke of luck invested me with all its might. Around the outskirts of Zagreb, walking on a Sunday afternoon, thanks to a wonderful coincidence I met an old man, who claimed he had the power of putting into anyone's heads words and rules of grammar of any language spoken in the former ex-Jugoslavia. At the last CS meeting, a Mexican guy with a very nice shirt told me there is a similar man who lives in Weimar, for German, another one in Sucre, Peru (not to be confused with Sucre, Bolivia) for Spanish, and another one in Paris, Texas, US, for English. Basically, it depends on the language we are talking about here. Find your man, give him something that belongs to you dearly, and loads of luck.
    summing up: timothy ferriss's blog, youtube (even if they are too focused on choosing the best video ever) and old men living somewhere in the world, deserving of my dear properties.

    anything more?
    I think that google and inverted commas are a really good teacher. But it lacks of discipline and method.

    The only problem of books is that they are written by people and not Muses, they need to be updated and the book that you own is never the best one about.
    But yes, I shall find at least a bit of time before planning to learn another language.
    I gave a TEDx talk on this topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZqUeWshwMs

    And since a few people mentioned Tim Ferriss, here's a video where I interviewed him about language learning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNQl2TKyRYo

    But if you want a short soundbite: Speak the language right now and stop using so much damn English, and you´ll be forced to learn it ;)
    Osmosis! That's how i Know to craft rings.

    As for not speaking english (i agree with "damm"), i think that people could get bored if I always repeat them where I am from or how old I am.
    anyway, I've seen your videos and I will have a deeper look to your youtubechannel. thanks ;)
    Master degree is a title, learning a new language ls an original feat, depending on a range of different factors (I've learn it during my master degree).
    I guess that time and money are quite relevant factors. I only wondered how much relevant they were.

    CS seems to be perfect for such a survey, hosting people who usually speak more than 2 languages.
    You may consult the Oracle (AKA Google) or do what I do: Buy a good dictionary, try to buy a good grammar book, study them hard, then start watching films firstly with subtitles, after a while without subtitles and always trying to grab someone who speaks your target tongue and engage in conversation.
    It's a long and tough way, but it's worthy! Just keep in mind: "No pain, no gain"

    Good luck!
    Money is overrated. You can learn a new language easily, without paying anything. Of course, it's excellent having a private teacher who can guide you, make a learning schedule and select the information for you. But you don't NEED that, as long as you are willing to put the energy in it.
    Time - well, you can't really take a shortcut here.
    If you want some starting point, and free resources, I can recommend the followings: www.memrise.com - words + grammar www.duolingo.com - words + grammar http://www.mein-deutschbuch.de/lernen.php?menu_id=1 - especially grammar, but of course you will need to search the words :) http://dict.leo.org/ - good dictionary
    After you know a couple of words, there are at least 2 weekly CS meeting where you can speak and practice (Monday - Weekly Lang Exchange; Tuesday - Speak Easy Lang Tandem)
    My German teacher also recommended me to listen as much as possible German radio, or watch German Television / movies.
    I basically learned English by listening music, watching movies / TV and speaking with people.

    Good luck,
    thanks everybody for your suggestions.

    Unfortunately there's no pill to learn a new language. But as you know, inventors are famous because they create something that didn't exist before. Accident, Fate, hard work and studies...

    I will let u know i find anything interesting ;)

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