• I will be in Leipzig for June with my university taking a four week intensive intermediate level course. I would like to spend July doing another language learning course in Berlin. Could anyone recommend me a reputable school that offers daily (4-5 times per week) German classes? I've been considering the Goethe Institut, but have heard mixed reviews.

    It would be nice if I could find a program that is pro-social such that I can meet people while I'm in Berlin.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
    I think learning German in Berlin is difficult, because everyone speaks English.

    I was at Goethe in Freiburg im Breisgau, which is a lovely small town by the black forest, and not many people speak English.

    Everyone in my class agreed, learning in big cities, like Hamburg and Berlin is too distracting.

    And remember you have to do your homework after each days lesson, in Berlin is just too much distraction,

    that is why, people say Goethe in Berlin is mixed review, but I can assure you Goethe is good in smaller cities.

    I have only been in Germany for 5 month, I am able to deal with German immigration, finding various places to live easy without problem, ordering my coffee, etc al in a 4 week German course with Goethe.

    If you want to learn German in Berlin, you might else well, go to a cheapest one and study hard.

    Especially you want a program that's pro-social, then there is no point paying Goethe or expensive language school to organize your social life.

    If you want social life, then maybe taking the intensive course is not a good idea. end of the day, you are not paying money to social, you are paying to LEARN !

    It is easy to meet people in Berlin, especially if you go to the cheap language school, there will be a lot Spanish young people, and they know how to party!

    Thanks for all the replies. I think I am going to do a two week intensive German Goethe Institut course for half of July and spend the other half checking out Berlin while not taking any German courses, that way I can be as distracted as I want.

    I'm looking at taking German courses in Heidelberg, Freiburg or Munich. Any suggestions on which city would be good to be completely immersed in? I've heard Freiburg twice now.
    Yes see the intensive courses offered by HUmboldt Universität and TU are very good.. or always the option of Hartnackschule
    http://www.anda-sprachschule.de/ It is a good school to learn German in Berlin, I am from Spain and I have a friend studying there and I would like to study also there next year.
    Yeah told ya. You will come to Berlin and party with the Spanish students and all ended up speaking English, so cheaper the school the better! And yo get to save € on the course fee, and use that € to party with the Spanish! Hola....

    Check out Sprach Salon. I am in a semi intensive course right now. They are very small and very personal, with good teachers. They are about median market price. Their biggest challenge for German classes is finding enough people who want to enroll for the intensive (5x/week) course. But, seriously, they welcomed me by name my first day and you are definitely "social" because there are only a handful of people -- its all about how much effort you put in.

    I highly recommend it!
    Ahhh so many options. I'm considering either a four-week intensive in Freiburg or Berlin for the month of July through the Goethe Institut. I like that Goethe seems to have a consistent program across many US and European cities. But it is more expensive than most programs. If I'm in Leipzig for a month taking an intensive German course in June, and then taking a four-week intensive program in Berlin in July, would this be enough to be conversational in German? I've taken three semesters of German so far, but the last course I took was a year ago. I'm starting a B1-B2 course in Leipzig and will hopefully test into a C course in July.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.
    there is also a new language school in Berlin Neukölln: www.transmitter-berlin.de The classes are very intimate, but there are not always beginner's classes. I'd check back regularly for the starting times of new classes.
    Dion had a nice one program, but apparently his account got deleted by CSHQ. Anybody knows why?

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